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Islamabad Pakistan

Islamabad on High Alert as 25 checkpoints are set up as a part of special security plan.

Islamabad on High Alert as 25 checkpoints

Because of the growing security concerns in the Federal Capital Islamabad, police issued a “special” strategy that establishes 25 temporary checkpoints throughout the city and mandates that locals and visitors both carry identification with them.

The security strategy, which was announced on the official Twitter account of the Islamabad Police, calls for the Safe City cameras to record the Red Zone’s access points and the video surveillance of metro bus riders. Foreigners and residents of the capital were both urged by the police to have their identification on them.

Additionally, authorities issued warnings about non-specimen number plates and unregistered automobiles, advising citizens to check that their vehicles had licence plates produced by the excise office. Additionally, as part of this strategy, landlords and businesses must register both their tenants and staff with a nearby khidmat marakiz or police station (facilitation centres).

Citizens who had hired unregistered local or international labour, according to the police, would also be looked into. They urged people to call the 15-helpline if they noticed any odd activity and to report it to the authorities. This strategy was developed in response to the recent rise in terror attacks in Pakistan, notably following the terrorist Tehereek-i-Taliban Pakistan’s termination of the cease-fire with the government in late November.

Last Friday’s bombing in the I-10 district of the capital, which killed one police officer and injured six others, was the first significant act of terrorism to occur in Islamabad since the beginning of the recent wave of militancy, which was initially contained to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan.

Due to fears of a “potential attack,” the US embassy in Islamabad had issued a security alert two days after the explosion, preventing its officials from entering the Marriott Hotel in the city. The capital’s security had been put on high alert that day by Islamabad police. Additionally, on Monday, separate security alerts from Saudi Arabia, the UK, and Australia urged their residents to restrict travel in Pakistan.