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Imran gets 10 days protective bail in terrorism case.

Imran Khan

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday granted Imran Khan a 10-day protective bail in three terrorism accusations filed against him in Lahore, while also ordering law enforcement not to arrest him until March 24 in five terrorism cases filed against him in Islamabad.

These cases were handled by the division bench, which always and by law hears cases involving section 7 of the ATA.

The remaining cases are heard by a single bench.

After leaving his Zaman Park mansion in a convoy, the PTI chairman appeared at the LHC for a hearing on various applications seeking precautionary bail in order to acquire access to relevant courts and details of FIRs filed against him.

Imran was summoned earlier today by Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh. The judge had originally instructed the PTI head to arrive at 5:30pm, but the deadline was extended to 6:30pm due to the delayed movement of the PTI chairman’s convoy.

Imran was appearing in court for the protective bail petitions he submitted earlier today.

Prior to Imran’s arrival, an application was filed with the Registrar’s Office to allow the PTI chief’s vehicle to access the court grounds.

Imran maintained in the applications that he must appear before the relevant courts for the award of anticipatory bail, and that there is a fear that the local police will arrest him on the basis of FIRs made against him “in order to get certain advantages, and the obvious mala fide” is evident.

He further stated that he is “humbly requesting” that the LHC grant him protective bail so that he can approach and appear in court.

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Imran also requested the court to “graciously declare the act of the respondents of concealing the details and particulars of the FIRs lodged against him and other senior leadership of PTI and for not providing copies of the same to the petitioner as illegal, unlawful, unjustified and unconstitutional, of course, in the interest of justice, equity and fair play”.

Earlier today, the LHC said that its order halting the operation at Imran’s Zaman Park residence in Lahore will remain in force until 3pm.

The court has directed the PTI’s leadership to hold a meeting with Inspector General Police (IGP) Punjab Usman Anwar once again and reach a consensus on Imran Khan’s security, how to execute the non-bailable arrest warrants, the arrests of PTI’s workers and other related issues.

Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh was hearing various petitions, including one submitted by PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry, who sought the court after police attempts to capture Imran were disrupted by violence.


Imran Khan has also requested the court’s help to reach LHC to request protective bail in several FIRs and to “halt the atrocities of the police personnel who are inflicting upon the petitioner, his political party and its leadership as well as the general public at Zaman Park”.

However, the IGP had categorically refused the PTI’s proposal to allow arrested workers access to the LHC and stated that “those who are proven guilty will not be asked to reach courts,” adding that “they will be brought to justice at whatever cost.

Previously, the court directed IGP Punjab and PTI officials to meet and strike an agreement.

During today’s proceedings, Fawad informed the court that the two parties had a successful discussion yesterday, during which security concerns were also discussed.

He informed the court that the IGP of Punjab had assured him that Imran Khan would be given with protection in accordance with the law.

He further stated that the PTI has chosen to move their jalsa to Monday, but that no rally will be held. Also, following discussions with the police, the party has agreed to notify the local administration five days in advance.

Fawad also said that an application seeking Imran Khan’s protective bail is being filed so that he may be able to travel to Islamabad and appear before the relevant court.

Moreover, the PTI leader contended that IGP has filed a civil miscellaneous application seeking access to Zaman Park for examining the venue where the violence had ensued to collect evidence about the attacks on police officials by the PTI workers. Fawad maintained that this, he feared, would once again stirr trouble.

Justice Sheikh remarked that the perpetrators must be tried according to the law.

Fawad said that if the police will start a search operation against PTI workers the situation could worsen. The proper way, he suggested, is to identify the people and then take us into confidence over them, he added up.

The IGP of Punjab has indicated that he will not meet with criminals to determine who will be caught and who will be spared. He further stated that Imran Khan has been given enough protection and that all procedures are being made in accordance with the law.

Following this, Justice Sheikh questioned about the procedure for carrying out an arrest warrant.

“The Constitution contains a correct procedure that is not being followed,” the PTI counsel told the court.

“On the one hand, the similar warrant has been issued to interior minister Rana Sanaullah, but such warrants are not being implemented in the manner we are observing at Zaman Park,” he said, citing a recent incident.

“We peacefully arrived in Zaman Park, but petrol bombs were thrown at us,” the IGP responded.


“We are against political victimisation,” he added, “but we have the duty to examine the accused persons, hold a fair investigation and treat the people in accordance with the law”.

Advocate General Punjab Shan Gull backed up the IGP’s position and promised that everyone would be treated fairly.

IG Anwar urged that the court rule on the question of Imran Khan’s arrest.

Judge Sheikh announced that the decision would be rendered at 3 p.m. and adjourned the hearing.