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Four females have been arrested for ‘torturing’ a classmate

Four girls booked for ‘torture’ of class fellow

Four female pupils from a private school are accused of torturing a classmate, according to the Defence Police in Lahore. When a video of a girl (A) allegedly being tortured by her four classmates went popular on social media, the police were called.

Imran Younis, the victim’s father, filed a complaint after learning that his daughter was attending the American International School in the BB Block of the Defense Housing Authority (DHA). He claimed that one of the four girls who participated in the assault had a dagger in her possession.

He claimed that the girls tortured “A” by dragging her to the ground by her hair and sitting on her back. Imran claimed that one of the girls was a boxer who kicked his daughter in the face and slapped his daughter in the face with another. He said that another girl attempted to strangle his daughter, and that the video recording was sufficient proof to file a lawsuit against the perpetrators.

He claimed that the incident left his daughter traumatised, and that the video tape had further tormented him and his family’s minds. In the FIR, he said that the primary suspect was a drug addict who “had given my daughter a dose of drug to inhale in the classroom, which she refused to accept.” This was his explanation for the reason for the assault on his daughter.

He continued by saying that his daughter had also captured a video of a classmate. Imran stated, “Later, she (A) gave me the footage that I shared with the father of that girl (primary suspect)”, adding that the suspects had harboured resentment toward his daughter ever since and had plotted an assault on her.

In the FIR, he further claimed that during the attack, the assailants stole his daughter’s locket and a gold chain. He said that he also requested action from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) against individuals who shared the video of the attack on her daughter online.