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Islamabad Pakistan

FIA seeks record from CDA over agreement with well known housing society.


The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has asked the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to turn over records related to a 2007 agreement it had with the Defence Housing Authority (DHA).

The CDA agreed to transfer 1,500 kanals of land to the DHA in exchange for over 700 developed plots. The CDA, on the other hand, has yet to take possession of the plots that were supposed to be granted in exchange for the land that was transferred more than a decade ago.

In 2007, the CDA and DHA signed an agreement under which the CDA transferred 1,500 kanals of land in Zone 5 to the DHA. The agreement stated that in exchange for the land transfer, the DHA would provide the CDA with 727 developed plots.

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Despite having acquired the land for its own purposes through two awards announced in 1961 and 1964, the CDA surrendered it to the DHA in 2007. The CDA initially stated that it would auction off the plots to raise funds for development.

The CDA has consistently listed the plots as assets receivable in its annual budget, but the plots have yet to be acquired from the DHA.

The FIA has requested the entire file, including notes on the agreement dated 12-09-2007, the agreement’s current legal status, and the status of the 2,400 kanals specified in the agreement.

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The FIA also inquired about the CDA’s stance on state land that Emar, a private developer, may own. According to sources, discussions about obtaining the plots from the DHA have occurred on a sporadic basis, but no concrete progress has been made for unknown reasons.

The CDA formed a four-member committee last June to visit the DHA and prepare a report. During the visit, representatives from a private company represented the DHA, but no DHA officials were present.

According to the visit report compiled by CDA officials, company representatives briefed the visiting team on three sites where plots could be provided to the CDA. The report revealed that the village of Humak was discussed, but the CDA already owned land in this village near Model Town.

Furthermore, the team was informed about Sihala, where the land was uncultivated and without ownership, and locals were cultivating it. The location of Niazian Dadocha was also discussed, and the CDA stated that the land was adjacent to the Dodocha Dam site.

The CDA’s budget documents for 2019-20 highlighted revenue generation proposals and stated that “about 700 plots of various sizes will be made available to CDA by DHA.” Concerned parties must take immediate concrete steps to implement this agreement.”

In response to the FIA’s letter, a senior CDA officer stated that the agency will provide full details of the case to the FIA. Furthermore, the CDA will work with the DHA to resolve any issues with pending plots.