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British high commissioner Christian Turner bids Pakistan farewell.

British high commissioner Christian Turner bids Pakistan farewell. (1)

Christian Turner, the British high commissioner who first arrived in Pakistan, said goodbye to the nation on Friday as his three years of diplomatic service came to an end. The official tweeted, “It was a pleasure getting to know you, and we will meet again.”

He also shared a video of himself packing his possessions, which included traditional Pakistani clothing, food, and a cricket bat, on his official Twitter account. “Long live UK-Pakistan friendship,” he said in the video message. Turner said last month that he would depart Islamabad in January to take up the director general geopolitical (Political Director) job at the UK’s Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office in London (FCDO).

In a tweet announcing the news, he said, “Pakistan, I will miss you. He expressed his gratitude for the team’s dedication at the British High Commission in Pakistan and stated that he had relied on them for all of his work there. Senator Sherry Rehman, the minister for climate change, complimented Turner for his “active leadership on Pakistan-UK relations” and “excellent public diplomacy in our climate issue.”

The British commissioner emphasised how significant and close the ties are between Pakistan and the UK. Rehman stated, “Islamabad will miss you, and we want to stay in touch.” We shall meet again, the two said as they parted ways. Since December 2019, Turner has held the position of British High Commissioner to Pakistan.

Turner managed the UK’s COVID-19 repatriation operations throughout the course of his three years, welcomed a visit by the UK foreign secretary, fought for and obtained direct flights from the UK to Pakistan, and started measures to treble bilateral trade by 2025, according to the UK Commission in Pakistan. In addition, he played a crucial part in advancing sports diplomacy and securing UK backing during Pakistan’s flood catastrophe, which led to the England men’s cricket team’s 17-year absence from Pakistan being resolved.

“My life has been incredibly gratifying over the past five years, both professionally and personally. In my new position in London, I will continue to monitor Pakistan’s future attentively “Turner stated. The appointment of a new high commissioner to Pakistan has not been announced. Until a new high commissioner is appointed, deputy high commissioner Andrew Dalgleish will serve as chargé d’affaires.