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Abbasi calls judiciary to correct the wrongs happen to Nawaz Sharif.

Abbasi calls judiciary to correct the wrongs happen to Nawaz Sharif.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, a former prime minister, urged the judiciary on Sunday to revisit its earlier rulings in order to “rectify the injustices” against the soon-to-return Nawaz Sharif. “The injustices done to Mian Nawaz Sharif sahab — we talk about Mian Nawaz Sharif returning to the country but we should also remedy those injustices and those injustices are quite visible,” Abbasi remarked in response to a reporter’s query during a joint news conference today.

The PML-N leader has been hosting a series of non-partisan discussions on the nation’s current political and economic concerns with other well-known political “mavericks” such former senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar and finance minister Miftah Ismail.

On Saturday, Aslam Raisani, a former federal minister, Khawaja Muhammad Hoti, Farhatullah Babar, and Khokhar Raisani were among the other luminaries who spoke at an event called “National Dialogue on Re-imagining Pakistan” in addition to Abbasi, Ismail, and Khokhar.

They urged people to find a way out of the current political and economic impasse in light of the Constitution rather than concentrating on a power struggle and blamed all parties involved, including political parties, the military establishment, and the judiciary, for the issues the masses were experiencing.

Ismail, Raisani, Khokar, and he all participated in today’s news conference. During the press conference, Abbasi stated: “I always stress that it is the judiciary’s role to review the decisions that have had [adverse] repercussions on Pakistan – huge ones.

“I don’t want to discuss those matters Whatever impact the judiciary’s rulings and actions have had on how this country is administered, they have been significantly involved in the issues that the nation is currently facing. He added, at another point in the discussion, “We all are accountable [for the current scenario], including politicians, military officials, judges, and the media. The speakers have not denounced anyone but themselves.” We are not here to point fingers.

In response to a different query, he stated: “Martial laws have been in place in our nation for quite some time. The military has interfered in politics in the past and continues to do so today. The military’s intervention must be stopped, he continued, and brought inside the bounds of the Constitution. You’ll receive the answer to the problems specifically through this. Within a day, is it feasible? Time will tell, only.

Ismail, meantime, applauded the government’s choice to accede to all of the IMF’s (International Monetary Fund) requests in order to restart the loan programme. In response to a query from a reporter, he stated: “I believe that the economic harm done by the government’s failure to act over the past four months has occurred. Nevertheless, I am now quite happy that the government chose to meet with the IMF.

“Even though the government lost money and four months of work, I applaud this choice. It’s still a positive thing though; it’s better late than never. The former finance minister continued, “I hope that they will proceed toward finding a solution to the country’s financial problems.He added that the government’s decision to reinstate the IMF programme “settled the economy” and eliminated the threat of the nation’s economic default.