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Pakistan Railways Opens Its Hospitals For General Public

Pakistan Railways Opens Its Hospitals For General Public

Pakistan Railways is taking a significant step to improve healthcare accessibility by opening all its hospitals to the general public. This move is in line with the directives of Railways Minister Shahid Ashraf Tarar, aiming to extend quality medical services to both employees and citizens throughout the country.

According to a spokesperson from the Ministry of Railways, this initiative reflects Pakistan Railways’ commitment to enhancing healthcare services within the railway sector. Additionally, the ministry plans to collaborate with private health professionals to leverage their expertise, contributing to the improvement of medical facilities.

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The official praised Pakistan Railways’ management for promptly opening Cairns Hospital in Lahore to the general public. This hospital, known for its state-of-the-art facilities, will now be accessible to people beyond railway employees.

In addition to this healthcare initiative, Pakistan Railways has embarked on a project to upgrade five major railway stations across the country. These stations, located in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Peshawar, and Quetta, are being transformed into commercial hubs to facilitate business activities and enhance passenger services.

The overarching goal is to make railway stations more than just transit points; they are envisioned as comprehensive hubs that contribute to economic activities and offer improved facilities for passengers.

The spokesperson emphasized that these measures are part of a broader strategy to enhance Pakistan Railways’ overall performance, aiming to provide maximum facilities and convenience to the public. By opening hospitals and upgrading key railway stations, the initiative seeks to create a positive impact on the accessibility and quality of healthcare services and transportation facilities available to people across the country.