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Pakistan Protests Iranian Airspace Violation, Summons Charge D’affaires

Pakistan Protests Iranian Airspace Violation, Summons Charge D'affaires

Pakistan expressed strong condemnation, summoning the Iranian charge d’affaires over unprovoked cross-border air raids that resulted in the killing of two innocent children and injuring three girls. The Foreign Office labeled the violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty as completely unacceptable, emphasizing potential serious consequences. Despite existing communication channels,

Iran’s aggressive approach raised concerns. The Pakistani government, consistently opposing terrorism as a common threat, stated that such unilateral acts undermine good neighborly relations, seriously impacting bilateral trust and confidence.

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Tehran allegedly fired missiles and drones into Pakistan, targeting the bases of the Baloch terror group Jaish al-Adl. However, the attack resulted in civilian casualties, escalating tensions in the already turbulent Middle East due to Israel’s conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.