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Pakistan Navy Showcases Combat Readiness

Pakistan Navy Showcases Combat Readiness

In the North Arabian Sea, the Pakistan Navy recently showcased its combat readiness and warfighting capabilities through a Live Weapon Firing (LWF) event featuring the FM-90B surface-to-air missile. The event was graced by the presence of Commander Pakistan Fleet, Vice Admiral Muhammad Faisal Abbasi, who attended as the chief guest.

The focal point of the demonstration was the successful targeting and engagement of an aerial drone by a Pakistan Navy ship, underscoring the naval forces’ prowess in warfighting and their combat potential. The missile firing marked the conclusion of the sea phase within the framework of PN’s Major Maritime Exercise SEA SPARK-2024.

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SEA SPARK-2024 was designed to validate the operational plans of the Pakistan Navy and evaluate their overall war preparedness. Through dynamic exercises, the Navy aimed to enhance its capabilities and ensure its effectiveness in safeguarding national maritime interests.

Vice Admiral Muhammad Faisal Abbasi took the opportunity to commend the officers and enlisted personnel involved in the exercise for their unwavering commitment and professionalism. He emphasized the dedication of the Pakistan Navy to secure the seaward defense of the country and protect national maritime interests under any circumstances.

The successful Live Weapon Firing event serves as a tangible demonstration of the Pakistan Navy’s commitment to maintaining a robust defense posture and its capability to respond effectively to potential threats in the maritime domain. As a strategic player in the region, these displays of combat readiness contribute to the overall security landscape and reinforce Pakistan’s commitment to ensuring the safety and protection of its maritime assets.

In conclusion, the Live Weapon Firing in the North Arabian Sea, part of the SEA SPARK-2024 exercises, not only showcased the technological prowess of the Pakistan Navy but also affirmed its dedication to securing the nation’s maritime interests and maintaining a state of constant vigilance and preparedness.


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