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Pakistan Names Rizwan T20I Vice-Captain


In a strategic move just ahead of the highly anticipated 5-match T20I series against New Zealand, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has officially appointed Mohammad Rizwan as the vice-captain of the national T20 team. This decision not only underscores Rizwan’s pivotal role as a wicketkeeper-batsman but also highlights his emerging leadership qualities.

Rizwan’s Rising Stature

As one of Pakistan’s most consistent performers in recent times, Mohammad Rizwan’s appointment as vice-captain comes as a natural progression in his cricketing journey. Known for his remarkable skills behind the stumps and his prowess with the bat, Rizwan has been a consistent presence in the national squad.

Crucial Role in Shaheen Afridi’s Leadership

Currently, Rizwan is an integral part of the Pakistan squad under the leadership of Shaheen Afridi. This dynamic duo is set to lead the team into the upcoming T20 series against New Zealand, where the vice-captain’s role is expected to play a crucial part in guiding the team both on and off the field.

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Anticipation Builds for T20 Series

With Rizwan now donning the vice-captain’s hat, all eyes are on the forthcoming T20 series against New Zealand. The 5-match series is not only a significant cricketing event but also a platform for Rizwan to showcase his leadership skills and further solidify his place in the team’s leadership hierarchy.

The Inaugural Clash in Auckland

The excitement peaks as the inaugural T20 International match between Pakistan and New Zealand is scheduled to take place in Auckland on January 12th. The Auckland fixture marks the beginning of what promises to be a riveting series, with Rizwan’s role as vice-captain adding an intriguing dimension to the team dynamics.


As Mohammad Rizwan steps into the role of vice-captain for the Pakistan T20 team, the cricketing world watches with anticipation and curiosity. His elevation to this leadership position not only recognizes his individual contributions to the team but also positions him as a key figure in shaping the team’s success in the T20 series against New Zealand.

With the first clash just around the corner, fans and cricket enthusiasts alike eagerly await to witness Rizwan’s leadership in action, hoping it will propel Pakistan to victory and set the tone for a successful T20 campaign in the coming matches.