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Pakistan Faces Loss in Asian Team Snooker Championship Final

Pakistan Faces Loss in Asian Team Snooker Championship Final

In the ACBS Asian 15 Red Men’s Team Snooker Championship 2024 final held in Riyadh, Pakistan faced a defeat against Thailand, settling for a silver medal in the tournament. Thailand secured a comprehensive victory with a scoreline of 3-0, dominating each frame with scores of 61-4, 75-53, and 90-26.

The match unfolded unfavorably for Pakistan right from the start. Asjad Iqbal, representing Pakistan in the first singles match, couldn’t mount a strong challenge and suffered a defeat without much resistance. Awais Munir, however, displayed resilience in the second singles encounter but eventually committed a foul during a critical moment, allowing his Thai opponent to clear the frame and claim victory.

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The pattern continued into the doubles frame, where Thailand maintained their dominance, ultimately sealing the championship title with a clean sweep over Pakistan.

Despite this setback in the final, Pakistan had shown promising form in earlier rounds. In the semifinals against Hong Kong, after losing the first frame, the Pakistani team rallied back to win convincingly with a score of 3-1. Asjad Iqbal and Awais Munir played crucial roles in securing this victory, showcasing their skill and determination under pressure.

In the quarterfinals, Pakistan had a strong performance against India (2), achieving a straight 3-0 victory with scores of 63-35, 75-22, and 70-06, demonstrating their proficiency and consistency throughout the match.

Separately, Awais Munir had earlier clinched the Asian 6-Red Snooker Championship in Riyadh, defeating Hong Kong’s Nansen Wan with a scoreline of 6-3. Munir’s victory was marked by a strong comeback after a tied start, securing consecutive wins to achieve a significant lead and ultimately claiming the championship title.

Overall, while the final of the Asian 15 Red Men’s Team Snooker Championship ended in disappointment for Pakistan, their journey in the tournament highlighted moments of resilience, skill, and notable achievements.