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Pakistan Army Rescues People Stuck On Karakoram Highway

Pakistan Army Rescues People Stuck On Karakoram Highway

On Sunday, the Pakistan Army, in collaboration with the civil administration, successfully conducted a rescue and relief operation to evacuate individuals stranded on the Karakoram Highway for the past 36 hours due to heavy rainfall-triggered landslides. The GB Scouts initiated the rescue operation, later joined by troops from the Pakistan Army.

The operation, which commenced on March 2, began with the rescue of a doctor and his family who were en route from Rawalpindi to Gilgit. Subsequently, rescuers aided in the evacuation of 20 vehicles that had become stranded on different sections of the Karakoram Highway due to landslides. The rescue efforts incorporated the use of drone cameras to enhance the effectiveness of the operation.

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The joint efforts of the military and civil administration were instrumental in ensuring the safety and evacuation of those affected by the challenging conditions caused by the landslides.