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Pakistan Army Recognized Among The World’s Top 10 Strongest Militaries

Pakistan Army Recognized Among The World's Top 10 Strongest Militaries

The Pakistani armed forces have achieved recognition as one of the top 10 powerful militaries globally, according to the 2024 World Military Strength Ranking. Like many nations, Pakistan has been investing in modernizing its military capabilities, acquiring advanced weaponry, and actively participating in counterterrorism operations and military collaborations with other countries.

The Global Firepower ranking evaluates 145 nations based on 60 factors, including military strength, financials, logistical capability, and geography. The United States, Russia, China, and India secured the top four positions in the 2024 rankings, with Pakistan claiming the ninth spot.

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The United States topped the rankings with an index of 0.0699, followed by Russia (0.0702), China (0.0706), and India (0.1023). Pakistan achieved the ninth position with an index of 0.1711, showcasing its significant military capabilities.

In the GFP Index, Pakistan ranked seventh in manpower and active personnel. It secured a position inside the top-10 for total aircraft and total fighters. The country performed well in the categories of tanks, artillery, and rockets, but displayed comparatively lower naval power.

While Pakistan received below-average scores in natural resources, it stood 23rd in Purchasing Power Parity, 62nd in forex reserves, and 47th in Defense budget. The ranking reflects Pakistan’s continued efforts to strengthen its military capabilities and maintain a formidable presence on the global stage.

Overall, the recognition in the top 10 highlights Pakistan’s strategic position and the effectiveness of its armed forces in various domains.