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Pakistan And Iran Aim To Increase Bilateral Trade To $5 Billion

Pakistan And Iran Aim To Increase Bilateral Trade To $5 Billion

In Tehran, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Iran, Mudassar Tipu, has conveyed the joint commitment of Islamabad and Tehran to elevate their bilateral trade to five billion dollars. This commitment follows the recent signing of a five-year document outlining strategic and economic cooperation between the two nations. During his visit to Bandar Abbas in southern Iran, where a Pakistani convoy of warships was stationed, Ambassador Tipu emphasized Pakistan’s dedication to strengthening trade relations with Iran and highlighted the joint commitment to fostering peace and stability in the region.

Ambassador Tipu emphasized that the relationship between Pakistan and Iran conveys a profound message of solidarity, peace, and joy for the entire region. He expressed contentment with the continuous growth of ties between the two neighboring nations.

The visit of the Pakistani flotilla of warships to the First Naval Region of the Iranian Army in southern waters on Saturday (January 13) symbolized a gesture of peace and friendship. The purpose of the visit was multi-faceted, aiming to strengthen friendly relations, enhance educational interactions between the Iranian and Pakistani navies, and convey a message of peace and friendship to the countries in the region.

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The strategic and economic cooperation document signed by Pakistan and Iran reflects a mutual desire to deepen their ties across various sectors. The commitment to boosting bilateral trade to five billion dollars signals a significant step towards enhancing economic collaboration between the two nations. This move aligns with broader regional objectives of fostering stability and prosperity.

Ambassador Tipu’s visit and the presence of the Pakistani warships underscore the importance both nations place on maintaining friendly relations and promoting peace. The symbolic gesture of the naval visit serves as a tangible expression of the shared commitment to peace and collaboration between Pakistan and Iran.

As diplomatic efforts and regional engagements continue, the commitment to elevating trade relations to five billion dollars stands as a testament to the enduring ties and mutual interests that bind Pakistan and Iran. The collaborative approach toward economic and strategic cooperation holds the potential to not only strengthen their bilateral relationship but also contribute to the broader stability and prosperity of the region.