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On-Arrival Driving Licenses For Foreigners Introduced In Sri Lanka

On-Arrival Driving Licenses For Foreigners Introduced In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka plans to simplify the process of obtaining driving licenses for foreigners by introducing on-arrival licenses at the airport starting from April. This initiative aims to enhance convenience for tourists and facilitate a smoother procedure, eliminating the need for a lengthy process at the Department of Motor Traffic (DMT) in the Colombo suburb. State Transport Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna confirmed the decision, emphasizing its potential to not only improve the experience for tourists but also generate foreign exchange revenue for the country. The move comes in response to challenges faced by tourists navigating bureaucratic hurdles at the DMT when seeking driving licenses.

Presently, around 3,500 foreigners annually visit the DMT in Werahera, a Colombo suburb, to obtain driving licenses. The on-arrival license service is expected to simplify the process for tourists, allowing them to acquire licenses at the airport upon arrival. Minister Alagiyawanna noted that the existing practice was not ideal, prompting the introduction of the on-arrival facility to enhance efficiency.

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Under the current system, tourists pay fees in Sri Lankan rupees at the DMT, with costs amounting to 30,000 rupees for one-day service and 25,000 rupees for normal service to obtain a driving license. The new initiative aims to make the process more convenient for tourists, allowing them to explore the country at their preferred time.

This development is part of Sri Lanka’s broader efforts to simplify procedures for tourists, intending to boost tourism and contribute to economic recovery. The country has recently announced plans to ease visa procedures across various categories, signaling a commitment to leverage tourism as a key driver of economic revival. Despite facing challenges such as inflation and previous incidents of terrorism, Sri Lanka is actively working to attract tourists and promote economic growth.