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Notices Given To Two Pakistani Airlines For Flight Delays

Notices Given To Two Pakistani Airlines For Flight Delays

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued notices to Air Blue and Serene Air, citing prolonged flight delays and breaches of passenger rights. The regulatory body’s press release, issued on Thursday, revealed that the show-cause notice to Air Blue was issued on January 15th, while Serene Air received the notice on January 2nd.

Expressing concern over the airlines’ performance, the CAA warned that unless there is marked improvement, regulatory actions such as financial penalties, license suspension or cancellation, and a reduction in scheduled flights may be implemented. The regulator emphasized that the failure of these private airlines to adhere to established regulatory standards has resulted in significant disruptions.

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In its press release, the CAA underscored its commitment to upholding passenger safety, comfort, and convenience, stressing that all airlines operating within the country’s airspace must adhere to the highest industry standards. The regulatory body’s vigilance aims to ensure that aviation operations meet the necessary benchmarks and provide a seamless travel experience for passengers.

It is noteworthy that both Air Blue and Serene Air hold substantial shares in the aviation market. Punctuality rankings released by the CAA for the period from January to June 2023 placed Air Blue in the third position, with Serene Air securing the fourth spot. These rankings suggest serious operational management and service provision flaws within the carriers, prompting the regulatory intervention to address and rectify these issues.