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Norway Poised To Acknowledge Independent State Of Palestine

Norway Poised To Acknowledge Independent State Of Palestine

OSLO – Eight out of ten political parties in the Norwegian parliament voted in favor of future recognition of an independent Palestinian state. The ruling coalition proposed this response to a motion from smaller parties urging swift recognition of Palestine.

As per the resolution, the parliament does not insist on a final peace agreement for the government to “be ready to acknowledge Palestine as an independent state when such recognition could positively impact the peace process.”

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Israel reportedly expressed dissatisfaction with the resolution, leading to the suspension of the evacuation of sixty Norwegians from Gaza.

Several European countries, including the Czech Republic, Poland, Iceland, Sweden, and Romania, have already acknowledged Palestine’s statehood. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has committed to expediting the recognition of Palestinian independence, while Belgium has initiated the recognition process.

Prominent Irish opposition figure Mary Lou McDonald has emphasized the Palestinians’ right to their country and reiterated the call for a ceasefire.