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Nine Students Injured In Clash At Punjab University

Nine Students Injured In Clash At Punjab University

In Punjab University’s new campus, a confrontation between two rival groups resulted in injuries to at least nine students on Wednesday. The incident unfolded when a dispute among university students escalated, with approximately twelve members of the student union allegedly using sticks and stones to attack their counterparts.

The injured individuals were promptly transported to Jinnah Hospital for necessary medical attention. Simultaneously, legal action has been initiated against those deemed responsible, as a case related to the clash has been registered with the police.

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This recent clash adds to a series of violent incidents that have marred the atmosphere at the oldest university in Pakistan. Ongoing tensions between various groups, specifically the Islami Jamiat Tulba (IJT) and activists representing Baloch, Seraiki, and Pukhtun backgrounds, have culminated in repeated confrontations. These clashes are rooted in differing ideologies, fostering a sense of animosity among the involved factions.

The university environment, once regarded as a hub for education and intellectual pursuits, is now witnessing a troubling pattern of violence and discord among student groups. The clash at Punjab University underscores the persistent challenges related to ideological differences that have, unfortunately, manifested in physical altercations. As the university grapples with the aftermath of this incident, there is an urgent need to address the root causes of such confrontations and work towards fostering a more harmonious and inclusive atmosphere for all students.