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Newlywed couple dies in Lahore due to gas leakage.

Newlyed couple died due to gas leakage.

A gas leak from a geyser in Mustafa Town is believed to have caused a newlywed couple to suffocate to death on Wednesday.

The victims, Shariq and Humna, recently got married. They went to bed at night at their home in a private housing society next to Canal Road, but when a family member went to visit them in the morning, they did not answer the door.

When the police were informed, they went to the house. The victims were discovered in a room, both lifeless. After receiving a call for assistance from Rescue 1122 teams, who discovered the victims already dead, the remains were sent to a mortuary for autopsy.

According to preliminary findings, the victims suffocated to death as a result of gas leaking from an instant geyser.

The police stated that they were looking into the situation.According to a police official, the quick geyser released toxic fumes as it heated the water.

He claimed that when the geyser was installed, the safety precautions were disregarded.