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NEPRA Raises Electricity Cost By Rs5/unit

NEPRA Raises Electricity Cost By Rs5/unit

Nepra greenlights Rs5/unit hike in electricity rates for February 2024 due to fuel cost adjustment. This move, concluded after a hearing on tariff increase, is expected to exacerbate the financial strain on consumers grappling with inflation. During the session, a NEPRA representative noted that reduced electricity demand has led to higher prices, attributing the rise to the costly use of LNG instead of local coal.

Rafiq Sheikh, another NEPRA member, highlighted how expensive fuel for power generation not only depletes foreign exchange reserves but also burdens consumers.

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A representative from Balochistan warned of an additional Rs7.63/unit burden in March. Power Division officials informed Nepra of the government’s intention to recover Rs1.2 trillion from electricity consumers. They also reported success in curbing electricity theft, amounting to Rs1.16 billion from September 7 to March 25.