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NADRA Smart ID Card Fee Changes In Pakistan In 2023

NADRA Smart ID Card Fee Changes In Pakistan In 2023

In Pakistan, citizens can now acquire the new Smart National Identity Card issued by the National Database Registration Authority (NADRA). The Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) plays a fundamental role in verifying an individual’s nationality and personal details, serving as essential proof of identity for Pakistani citizens.

This CNIC is a crucial prerequisite for accessing both government and private services, including voting, opening bank accounts, obtaining a passport, and accessing social welfare programs. Additionally, for property transactions and vehicle registration, individuals are required to possess a valid CNIC as part of the documentation process.

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To enhance security and prevent identity theft, fraud, and misuse of personal information, NADRA has introduced biometric features and security measures in the new smart ID card. These cards store biometric data and serve as a means of identification for all citizens.

With the implementation of new policies and digital advancements, individuals are no longer compelled to visit NADRA’s offices, making it more convenient for them to apply for their ID card.

Nadra Smart ID Card fee September 2023

Categories Type Normal Service Urgent Service Executive Service
New Smart NIC Rs750 R1,500 Rs2,500