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Mushahid Hussain Chosen As IPU Human Rights VP

Mushahid Hussain Chosen As IPU Human Rights VP

Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, who represents Asia in the Committee of Human Rights for Parliamentarians (CHRP) of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), has achieved a significant milestone by being unanimously elected as the Vice President of the Committee during its meeting in Geneva. This marks a historic moment as Senator Mushahid Hussain becomes the first Pakistani parliamentarian to hold a high-level office in an essential IPU body, a global organization representing parliaments worldwide.

The newly elected President of the CHRP is Ms. Millie Odhiambo from Kenya. Senator Mushahid Hussain’s election to the position of Vice President underscores his standing and influence within this crucial committee, which plays a vital role in addressing human rights issues on a global scale.

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This achievement builds upon Senator Mushahid Hussain’s earlier role within the CHRP. Two years ago, at the IPU General Assembly in Rwanda, he was elected as a Member of the CHRP, where he stood out as the only Asian representative among the ten influential members of the Committee. His continued involvement and now leadership within the CHRP reflect not only his dedication to human rights causes but also the recognition of his expertise and commitment by his peers on the international stage.

Senator Mushahid Hussain’s engagement in human rights advocacy extends beyond his role in the CHRP. As a member of the Senate Human Rights Committee, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Furthermore, his past service as the Leader of the Pakistan Delegation to the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva emphasizes his active participation in addressing human rights concerns at the global level.

The senator’s commitment to human rights has been steadfast, even in the face of personal challenges. In the year 2000, Mushahid Hussain earned the designation of “Prisoner of Conscience” from the prestigious London-based organization Amnesty International. This recognition was a result of his unjust detention without charges, lasting for an alarming 440 days. At that time, he stood out as the sole Pakistani political prisoner to receive such an honor, highlighting the significance of his struggle for justice and human rights.

In addition to his parliamentary roles and human rights advocacy, Senator Mushahid Hussain is actively involved in various forums addressing geopolitical issues. As the Convenor of the Pakistan Parliamentary Forum on PKR (Palestine, Kashmir & Rohingya), he plays a pivotal role in highlighting and addressing the challenges faced by these regions. Moreover, his participation on the Executive Board of the Istanbul-based “Al Quds Parliament” further underscores his commitment to supporting the Palestinian Cause.

In conclusion, Senator Mushahid Hussain’s election as the Vice President of the CHRP is a testament to his dedication to human rights and his ability to make a meaningful impact on the international stage. As the first Pakistani parliamentarian to hold such a high-level position within the IPU, he continues to be a trailblazer, representing not only his nation but also contributing to the global discourse on human rights and justice.