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Military Aircraft From Myanmar Crashes In India

Military Aircraft From Myanmar Crashes In India

A Myanmar military aircraft encountered an incident at Lengpui Airport in Mizoram, India, on Tuesday, resulting in six injuries among the 14 individuals on board. The mishap, which transpired around 10:19, involved the plane skidding off the runway before reaching the terminal.

Reports suggest that the purpose of the aircraft was to retrieve Myanmar soldiers who had sought refuge in Mizoram’s Lawngtlai district, fleeing clashes between the Myanmar army and a civilian army. The video footage of the incident portrays rescue operations at the accident site.

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In the preceding week, a significant number of Myanmarese soldiers, totaling 276, had entered Mizoram. On Monday, 184 of them were repatriated via Myanmar Air Force planes departing from Lengpui Airport to Sittwe in Rakhine state.

The soldiers had initially entered Bandukbanga village in the southernmost part of Mizoram’s Lawngtlai district on January 17. Their arrival in Mizoram followed their evacuation from a camp captured by ‘Arakan Army’ fighters, indicating the complexities and challenges arising from internal conflicts in neighboring regions.

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