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Medicine Prices Increased In Pakistan

Medicine Prices Increased In Pakistan

In Karachi, the interim government has increased medicine costs, causing distress among those already affected by inflation.

The Drug Regulatory Authority has issued a notice detailing price hikes for 25 essential medicines. Notably, the new cancer treatment drug, Lorica, will now be priced at Rs846,857.

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As per the notification, asthma inhaler prices have risen to Rs1,390, and a hepatitis injection now costs Rs10,275.

Paracetamol and Diphenhydramine tablets (20-pack) will cost Rs192, while Chloroquine, used for malaria treatment, is set at Rs1,007.

Bortezomib, an injection for cancer treatment, is priced at Rs17,513, and the antibiotic Zerbexa, used for infections, is available for Rs15,356.