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Malik Riaz’s Message to Authorities: ‘Over My Dead Body’

Malik Riaz's Message to Authorities: 'Over My Dead Body'

Malik Riaz Hussain, Pakistan’s leading realtor and chairman of Bahria Town, has revealed that influential figures are attempting to use him for their political agendas.

Without naming those pressuring him, Malik Riaz stated, “For over a year now, I’ve been under immense pressure to compromise, but I’ll never allow anyone to use me as a pawn for political motives.”

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Posting on X, formerly Twitter, Malik Riaz said, “Throughout my life, Allah has guided me to uphold my principle of neutrality in politics. Despite immense pressure over the past year, I refuse to be manipulated for political gains. This persistent victimization against me and my business stems from my contributions to Pakistan’s progress. Since 1996, I’ve faced backlash for introducing innovative projects in the country. With Allah’s help, I’ve always stood firm. Even now, despite my ailing health and ongoing financial losses, I remain resolute, stating unequivocally, ‘over my dead body.’ I will not succumb to any pressure tactics. Allah will support me through this challenging time with dignity, In sha Allah.”

In January, an Islamabad accountability court froze properties of five accused, including Malik Riaz and his son, declaring them proclaimed offenders in a £190 million corruption case. Judge Mohammad Bashir ordered the freezing of movable and immovable properties belonging to Malik Riaz, his son Ahmed Ali Riaz, aides to former prime minister Zulfi Bukhari, Mirza Shahzad Akbar, Farhat Shahzadi (Farah Khan), and lawyer Ziaul Mustafa Nasim, and issued perpetual arrest warrants.