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Majority of people support worldwide regulations to reduce plastic pollution.

Majority of people support worldwide regulations to reduce plastic pollution. (1)

Governments from around the world have agreed to create a global pact to stop plastic pollution by the end of 2024. The majority of surveyed consumers think it is critical to establish such standards.

A global average of 70% of respondents in each of the 34 nations polled are in favour of international regulations requiring governments to stop the use of plastics. This is supported by a survey of over 23,000 persons that Ipsos conducted in association with the Plastic Free Foundation and WWF.

Peru and Indonesia had the greatest percentages of citizens who supported the adoption of restrictions, each with a whopping 81 percent. They were followed by a number of mainly European and Latin American nations. China (59 percent), the United States (58 percent), and Japan (48 percent) had the lowest total level of support out of the 34 nations surveyed. In the case of Japan, this is mostly explained by the fact that, as opposed to strictly disagreeing, 41% of the country’s respondents indicated that they “Don’t know” whether a treaty should create worldwide laws.

According to the survey, consumers believe it is crucial that the treaty include the following important provisions: a ban on unnecessary single-use plastics and plastic that cannot be easily recycled; regulations requiring manufacturers and retailers to act responsibly by reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic packaging; international regulations mandating that all new plastic products contain recycled plastic; and provisions ensuring that labels are placed on plastic products that state that they contain recycled plastic.