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Hush Puppies Pakistan wins a global award for their “Body Shoe”.

Hush puppies Pakistan body shoe

Hush Puppies won the “Global Body Shoe Challenge” despite stiff competition from other brands around the world, according to Firhaj, the brand’s official licensee in Pakistan. In a pool of 160 nations, Hush Puppies Pakistan was one of the 7 shortlisted nations before winning the highest honour, according to a press release.

The company said that this year saw the release of the newest version of the “Body Shoe” after years of extensive R&D and four decades of production.


“We as a brand have always pushed the frontiers of comfortable fashion, and recent consumer preferences have started exhibiting the congruence with our brand goals and values,” said Mohammad Qasim, managing director of Firhaj. It gives us great joy and assurance to continue developing shoes with a wellness focus for future generations. According to the company, the integrated campaign that earned them the title used an omni channel strategy in more than 32 stores across the country, including retail makeover, mall activations, and influencer marketing push, to connect with audiences and raise awareness about the category, in particular the Body Shoe.

“Hush Puppies tried to connect with Gen Z with the specialised music festival Metanoia. The major target demographic, those that choose upbeat and comfortable fashions in their daily lives, was satisfied with the product placement and awareness at the event.


The Body Shoe Launch event, “Bounce with the Body Shoe,” followed a similar lifestyle philosophy and drew the majority of guests to a trampoline installation. Body Shoe booths were put up all over the venue so attendees could try them on and buy them. Sales and penetration numbers for The Body Shoe are evidence of the team’s dedication and the effectiveness of the communication plan.

When discussing the successful IMC, Meshaal Danish, a former brand marketing manager, said: “Connecting with the athleisure-sporting audiences and making comfort chic was at the centre of our ad efforts. We want to inspire and empower individuals to challenge the idea that fashion detracts from their wellbeing, and I’m pleased to see that we were successful in doing so. The Body Shoe is designed with the newest cushioning and stress-reduction technology in mind, it was added. The sales figures, which include repeat buyers each time a new version is released, demonstrate that the product itself is well appreciated by consumers in terms of fashion and comfort.

Speaking with Rizwan, Firhaj’s Head of Merchandising, “We have always understood the needs of the consumer and with global trends indicating that 2/3 people wear athleisure, the responsibility to keep innovating the Body Shoe became a vital goal for us.”