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List of 1500 Prize Bond Draw Results In 2024

List of 1500 Prize Bond Draw Results In 2024

On February 15, 2024, which is a Thursday, the Peshawar office is scheduled to conduct the draw for Prize Bond Rs1500, specifically Draw No. 97.

Historically, the central bank has organized Prize Bond draws quarterly or as directed by the Finance Division. The draws, including the upcoming one for Rs1500, are events eagerly anticipated by those who have invested in these bonds.

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The schedule for the Prize Bond draws is typically announced by National Savings at the beginning of each calendar year. This schedule outlines the dates and locations of the draws, providing clarity for investors and enthusiasts alike. The results of these draws are subsequently made public through publication in the official Gazette.

Winning Amount Of Rs1500 Prize Bond

Prize Bond Rs1500 Number of Prizes Winning Amount
Prize Bond Rs1500 01 Rs3,000,000 First Prize
Prize Bond Rs1500 03 Rs1,000,000 Second Prize
Prize Bond Rs1500 1696 Rs18,500 Third Prize

The Prize Bond draws serve as a method of investment for many individuals, with the hope of securing cash prizes. The transparency of the process, overseen by the central bank and National Savings, contributes to the confidence of participants in the fairness of the draws.

As the Peshawar office prepares to conduct the draw for Prize Bond Rs1500 on February 15, 2024, investors and bondholders are anticipating the announcement of winning numbers and the potential distribution of prizes.