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Zia Mohiuddin passed away at the age of 91 years.

Zia Mohyeddin

Zia Mohyeddin, a veteran actor, director, and television personality, died on Monday in Karachi at the age of 91.

Zia Mohyeddin was being treated at a private hospital in Karachi for fever and severe abdominal pain, according to sources. Later, an ultrasound revealed that he was experiencing intestinal problems. The actor then had surgery and was taken to the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU).

Today after Zuhr prayer, the funeral prayer for the late Zia Mohyeddin will be recited in Imam bargah Yasrab in Defense Phase 4.

Zia Mohyeddin was born in Faisalabad on June 20, 1931, and in 1962 he was given the chance to act in the well-known movie Lawrence of Arabia, in which he had a notable part. The late Zia Mohyeddin also held a stage programme titled “Zia Mohyeddin Show,” and in 2012, the then-government also gave him the Hilal e Imtiaz award.

The National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) was founded in Karachi by Zia Mohyeddin in 2005. A Carrot is a Carrot, Theatrics and The God of My Idolatry Memories, and Reflections are other novels he wrote.

The honour of writing the dialogue for Teri Yaad, Pakistan’s first motion picture, belonged to Zia Mohyeddin’s father.