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Vasay Chaudhry departs from vice chairman of the Punjab Censor Board

Vasay Chaudhry departs from his position as vice chairman of the Punjab Censor Board with proposals to review the mechanism for evaluating films. (1)

Actor Vasay Chaudhry has declared that his position as vice chairman of the Punjab Film Censor Board is ending less than two months after his appointment.

In a tweet posted on Sunday, the Mazaaq Raat host said, “After the recent de-notification of the Punjab film censor board, my tenure as the Vice chairman ends with viewing 8 films, consuming 4 cups of coffee, 1 bag of popcorn, 1 pack of chips, and 3 water bottles, passing 7 films with cuts, and banning 1 (it was an E grade Hollywood film).”

During his time there, Chaudhry said, he drove his own car and “didn’t take a single penny” for the movies he evaluated. He continued by expressing gratitude to the other board members and to everyone who had given him the chance to serve in any way he could.

“I hope that the incoming board will take a look at my ideas about re-evaluation of the film grading system, strict execution of anti-piracy legislation in theatres, and expanding the inspection force of the censor board. Good luck to the new board,” he said in closing.