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On the Insta show, Mathira scolded Tiktoker Asad Ray for committing domestic violence.

Mathira scolded tiktoker Asad for domestic violence.

The immensely gifted TV host Mathira invited the two Tiktokers Asad Ray and Areeshay Soomro to participate on her BOL Entertainment programme, “The Insta Show.” Mathira asked the Tiktoker why he was late when he arrived. He admits that he was running late due of a fight with his wife. Mathira gave it little mind and continued the performance.

Mathira asked Asad Ray if he ever argued with her wife during the segment of The Insta Show. He boasted arrogantly that he had slapped her wife before coming here and cackled. Hearing how Asad had treated her wife infuriated Mathira. She was dismayed to witness how individuals use women without parental support.

She aggressively reacted to his statement, “This is not a joke at all to beat a woman”. She added that “it doesn’t sound well and it shows how you respect your wife”. The reaction of Mathira was justified by raising a voice against domestic violence.

“You are speaking nonsense on a major television programme. What does that feel like? She inquired. The Tiktoker Asad Ray attempted to hide his confession by claiming, “First of all, I told you that I respect her,” and “A relationship with no quarrel would not have love,” before going on to explain that. Mathira asserts that having respect in reality and expressing it verbally are two distinct things.

Later on, he clarifies that he had given her wife a light smack out of love and that it was not a big thing, but Mathira’s response felt only normal. Mathira concluded that his use of language was inadequate.