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Leopard Succumbs To Heart Attack In AJK

Leopard Succumbs To Heart Attack In AJK

In Muzaffarabad, a common leopard met a tragic end, succumbing to cardiac arrest after being ensnared in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). The unfortunate incident, reported by Dawn, highlighted the demise of this four-legged carnivore due to a cardiac arrest.

According to wildlife officials, the leopard became entangled in a trap in Haryala, a mountain village near Patikka. Despite its efforts to free itself, the big cat was left hanging upside down for several hours. The incident came to light on a Sunday morning when rescuers were alerted, and despite the attempts of five personnel to free the leopard, it ultimately breathed its last around noon.

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The autopsy report unveiled that the cause of death was hypovolemic shock, a condition resulting from cardiac arrest induced by the prolonged period of entrapment. The leopard’s struggle to free itself and the subsequent hanging upside down led to this unfortunate outcome.

The use of traps by residents in Azad Kashmir and other hilly regions to catch wild boars, causing considerable damage, has inadvertently become a threat to common leopards (Panthera pardus) in the region. The unintentional entanglement of these majestic creatures in traps designed for other purposes highlights the complex challenges faced by wildlife in their natural habitats, urging the need for greater awareness and conservation efforts to protect these vulnerable species.


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