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Lahore High Court Halts Govt’s Medicine Price Hike

Lahore High Court Halts Govt's Medicine Price Hike

On Thursday, the Lahore High Court (LHC) took a significant step by suspending the federal government’s notification that announced an increase in the prices of life-saving drugs.

Muhammad Aslam, a citizen, filed a petition challenging the government’s notification, asserting that the prescribed increase in medicine prices is not in accordance with the law and will inevitably lead to a surge in the cost of essential drugs. Aslam contended that the government is revoking the section related to regulating medicine prices from the Drug Act, and he emphasized that the caretaker government does not possess the authority to enact such changes.

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In his plea, the petitioner urged the court to suspend the notification until the final adjudication of the petition. Following the initial hearing on this matter, the Lahore High Court took decisive action by temporarily halting the notification pertaining to the proposed hike in drug prices.

Additionally, the court has summoned a response from the caretaker Punjab government, ensuring that all concerned parties, including the federal government and other relevant entities, present their perspectives at the forthcoming hearing.

This legal development reflects the judiciary’s active involvement in addressing concerns raised by a concerned citizen regarding the government’s decision to increase medicine prices. The petitioner’s argument against the withdrawal of the section related to medicine price regulation and the assertion that such a move exceeds the powers of the caretaker government have been taken into consideration by the Lahore High Court.

As the case progresses, the court’s scrutiny will play a crucial role in determining the legality and validity of the government’s actions. The decision to suspend the notification temporarily indicates the court’s commitment to thoroughly examining the matter before reaching a final verdict. The involvement of the caretaker Punjab government in the upcoming hearing also underscores the comprehensive approach taken by the court to consider various perspectives and ensure a fair and just resolution to the issue at hand.