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KMC Not KFC: Bilawal Bhutto’s Recent Verbal Mistake Amuses Everyone

KMC Not KFC: Bilawal Bhutto's Recent Verbal Mistake Amuses Everyone

Pakistan’s former foreign minister and PPP leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari have become the source of amusement on social media once again due to a recent slip of the tongue during a public speech. Known for his impactful speeches, the Oxford graduate made a blunder while addressing an election rally.

As the country, with a population of 240 million, gears up for a landmark election, politicians from PDM parties are conducting rallies city by city to attract voters. During a rally in Karachi, Bhutto tried to convey that residents of the port city should vote for PPP to bring a united government at the provincial and federal levels.

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However, Bhutto mistakenly said “KFC” instead of “KMC” (Karachi Municipal Corporation). In a clip circulating online, he is heard saying, “Provincial govt bhi apka, KFC bhi apka, federal bhi apka.” This slip of the tongue left the internet amused.

This is not the first time Bilawal Bhutto has made such verbal mistakes. Previously, he said, “Islamabad may kaampein taang rahi hai,” and his classic gaffe, “Jab Barish Aata Hai Tou Paani Aata Hai,” also became viral, providing ample content for trolls.

As the country approaches the polls, Bilawal Bhutto is contesting from Lahore’s NA-138 constituency, a stronghold of the PML-N. In addition to his hometown, his nomination papers from NA-127 have also been approved.