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Kim Kardashian, grateful about 2016 Paris incident where she was robbed?

Kim kardashian

Previously, Kim Kardashian revealed in 2020 that she feared she would be raped or killed during the robbery.

Kim Kardashian revealed she was grateful for the 2016 robbery incident in Paris, which helped her detach from material possessions.

During a podcast with Angie Martinez, the reality star said, “After I was robbed of all of it in Paris, I didn’t know I was needing that lesson, but that lesson was so well-received,” she told Martinez.

When all my jewelry and stuff was taken from me, like, I don’t, I just truly don’t care about stuff like that,” Kardashian said.

“I want what feels good. If it’s a memory, I’ll hold on to that. But if it was taken again, it wouldn’t affect me.”

The creator of Skim previously admitted to David Letterman in 2020 that she feared being killed or raped during the robbery.

Kardashian said to Martinez that she was ultimately “very thrilled” that she had that experience.

Now, she said, instead of attempting to gather her belongings in case of a fire at her Calabasas house, she would have chosen to flee with her kids.