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KIA Lucky Motors & KIA Murree Road Accused Of Scamming

KIA Lucky Motors & KIA Murree Road Accused Of Scamming

One of the customers of KIA motors recently shared his bad experience with KIA Lucky Motors And KIA Murree Road. The customer shared his experience and the scamming strategy of KIA motors.

According to him ;

Don’t waste your hard earn money just in the name of warranty because at the time of claim they ditch you so plzzzz!!!
KLM and KLM dealership especially Kia Murree road, Rawalpindi just looting customers. I own a KIA Sportage 2020. I bought it from KIA Murree Road, and also maintaining the car from the same dealership since day 1. Within the time period of three years, they have charged me around 600K in the name of general service. My vehicle has been run 62,000 Km. Recently, they charge me 40K for the service on 60,000 km.

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Last week, i had a weird experience. I parked the vehicle totally fine at night and the next morning i started the car to go out and suddenly out of nowhere it started giving trouble while driving. The gear wasn’t shifting from second to third gear and not taking accelerator. I called KIA murree road and informed them about my problem. They gave me very quick and positive response and asked me to bring the vehicle to the service station! I told them the vehicle is not able to move now, within a few time their team reached and checked the car, and said it needs to be taken to the service station. I asked them how would you take it as it is not even moving? They put the car in first gear and travelled the 20,25km with that condition of my car. After inspecting the car, they called me that the CATALYTIC Converter of the car is not working, infact it is broken! And mentioned to me the cost for this catalytic converter for 350K. Which was very shocking to me, that all of a sudden how can the catalytic converter of the car can broke. I asked them, they said you were not using good petrol. But the point to think here is that on 60,000 they serviced my car 2000 miles before this incident. Didn’t you people check the catalytic converter at that time if it was not working properly! How can all of a sudden not using good petrol can be the reason? We had a huge argument on this, as i mentioned them that my car is warranty. I only brought this car from 0-60,000 km only so my warranty doesn’t intact. But they were stuck on the point that i will have to pay the amount to get the car fixed. This has happened with me a few time that whenever there is some costly work they simply say it’s not in the warranty! The work that is being done in 2000 outside they charge 10,000 here! I even told them that your mechanics drove my car when it was in the worst condition of being driven to the service station. I also called the KLM and they started asking me stupid questions about what it is in the warranty book and what fuel should i use. On my so much arguments, they transferred my case to the head office and said they will tell us soon. Since last week, they didn’t gave a response and now today they said the head office rejected your case and you will have to pay the cost! I don’t understand how suddenly my cars fuel causes all this mistake. This is simply a scam they are doing in the name of warranty! It’s been one and a half week since my car is in the service station. They are not doing any work. Someone please help me in this, where can i take my issue and get my car’s work done.
Today I got an quotation of Rs. 457,465/- from them to pay for this job. They are looting in the name of warranty. Please think before to buy these type of vehicles