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Khyber-Pakhtunkhawa Pakistan

JUI claims that the K-P government favours hoarders

JUI claims that the K-P government favours hoarders

PESHAWAR: From Firdous Chowk to Nishtarabad GT Road, the Jamiat Ulema Islam District Peshawar staged a protest over the food shortage and excruciating inflation. Provincial and district leaders Asif Iqbal Daudzai, Maulana Maskin Shah, Khalid Waqar Khan Chamkani, Qari Rafiq Shah, Maulana Ahmed Ali Darwish, Minhajuddin Bacha, and others addressed the demonstrators and claimed that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government had partnered with hoarders to create an inflationary crisis.

They claimed there was mutual collaboration between the Punjabi side’s ban and the province government’s silence. They stated that while flour is not available for 3000 rupees under the inept government of K-P, it costs 1300 rupees in Punjab. The stockists are being patronised by the government.

Additionally, they complained that neither the federal government nor the district administration were taking any action to stop the hoarders.