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Italy Detains 9 Pakistanis For Migrant Smuggling

Italy Detains 9 Pakistanis For Migrant Smuggling

Italy has arrested nine Pakistani individuals on charges of migrant smuggling along the Balkan route, following the exposure of an organization facilitating illegal migration. Although official details are awaited, reports from the Italian News Agency Ansa indicate that the Pakistanis face charges related to organizing the illegal entry of their fellow nationals, along with allegations of robbery, injuries, and attempted extortion.

The arrests are a result of investigations initiated in March of the previous year after an incident involving two Pakistani citizens who were assaulted by individuals believed to be part of the criminal organization. One victim was forcefully detained in a Siena apartment, revealing an attempted kidnapping to extort additional money for his journey to Italy.

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It is suspected that the arrested individuals aided irregular migrants along part of the Balkan route in Italy, allegedly receiving funds from a currency exchange shop manager in Athens. The money was collected on behalf of individuals associated with a criminal network based in Siena but with operational hubs in Greece and Bosnia.

Upon arrival in Italy, migrants reportedly faced attacks, threats, and extortion for more money. Those attempting to escape were allegedly subjected to serious injuries. One immigrant was discovered in a Siena apartment over an alleged debt of €2,000.

As investigations progressed, police identified several other undocumented Pakistani nationals in the province of Siena, providing them shelter and arranging temporary accommodations while awaiting the formalization of their international protection requests.

As of now, there has been no official statement from any law enforcement agency in Pakistan regarding the arrests.