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Islamabad Airport Offers Free Massage Chairs For Passengers

Islamabad Airport Offers Free Massage Chairs For Passengers

The Islamabad International Airport now offers passengers a complimentary massage chair facility as they wait for their flights. This service is available in both domestic and international departure lounges, providing travelers with an opportunity to relax during the pre-flight process. The initiative is particularly beneficial for elderly individuals and patients who may find conventional airport seating less comfortable. The free massage chairs offer a short therapy session, helping passengers alleviate the potential effects of jet lag, especially those embarking on long-distance journeys.

What sets this service apart is that, unlike many international airports, the Civil Aviation Authority in Pakistan has introduced this facility without any associated costs. The move is part of efforts to enhance the passenger experience at the Islamabad International Airport, making it more accommodating and comfortable for travelers.

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It’s important to note that the government has announced plans to outsource the management of the Islamabad International Airport for a duration of 15 years. This move is likely aimed at improving airport services, introducing innovations, and ensuring the efficient operation of the airport. The introduction of free massage chair facilities aligns with global trends where airports are continuously working on enhancing passenger amenities to provide a more pleasant and stress-free travel experience. This initiative reflects the commitment to improving airport services and prioritizing passenger comfort and convenience.