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Is Pakistan Offering the World’s Cheapest Netflix Subscription?

Is Pakistan Offering the World's Cheapest Netflix Subscription?

Pakistan boasts the lowest Netflix subscription rate worldwide at $2.82 per month, according to data compiled by Visual Capitalist in December 2023.

This is followed by Turkiye at $3.38, Argentina at $3.57, Egypt at $3.88, and Nigeria at $4.88 among 244 countries and territories.

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In contrast, Switzerland’s Netflix subscription was the priciest at $21.48 per month, $5 higher than the next most expensive country.

Wealthy countries such as Denmark, Greenland, Ireland, and the United States were also among the top five for the highest Netflix subscriptions, with monthly costs ranging from $16.46 to $15.49.

The prices fluctuate across different countries due to various influences, including economic factors, competition in the market, content licensing fees, and currency value changes.