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Indian Soldier Commits Suicide, Hanging From Tree

Indian Soldier Commits Suicide, Hanging From Tree

In Srinagar, a 31-year-old Indian paramilitary troop, originally from occupied Kashmir, took his own life by hanging from a tree in Odisha. Recently assigned to a steel plant, he was reported absent from duty, prompting fellow soldiers to search for him. They discovered his body hanging from a tree near their barrack.

The soldier, identified as Sahil Kumar, had been deployed at the steel plant. After locating his body, it was transferred to a nearby hospital, where doctors estimated that he had passed away 12-15 hours before. The Indian police are currently investigating the motive behind his drastic actions, and the body has been sent to his hometown after initial procedures.

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This incident reflects a recurring pattern, as several Indian soldiers have previously taken their own lives due to internal conflicts, undue pressure from superiors, mental stress, and other factors. According to a report, approximately 1,000 Indian soldiers commit suicide annually.