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Indian Actor Denies Feroze Khan Romance Rumors After Second Marriage

Indian Actor Denies Feroze Khan Romance Rumors After Second Marriage

Geethika Tiwari, the Indian actor and model, has put an end to speculations regarding her alleged romantic involvement with Pakistani actor Feroze Khan. The clarification came during a candid interview with an Indian publication, where Geethika addressed popular queries about herself circulating on Google.

In response to the question about her relationship with Feroze Khan, with whom she will be seen sharing the screen in the upcoming film Luck Lag Gayi, Geethika firmly denied any romantic link. She stated, “No, of course not,” putting to rest the rumours.

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Despite dismissing the relationship rumours, Geethika had glowing praise for her co-star. She described Feroze Khan as a genuine and nice person from whom she has learned qualities like respect, devotion, patience, and love. Geethika emphasized, “I just want to say this: he is such a sweetheart.”

Feroze Khan reciprocated the appreciation on social media after Geethika shared the interview video. He acknowledged her kind words with a comment, “Honestly it takes an eye to recognise one. So, I must say you’re a beautiful human being yourself,” demonstrating their mutual admiration and camaraderie.

Regarding their upcoming film Luck Lag Gayi, directed by Zulfiqar Ali and filmed in London, the project has generated anticipation among fans for its blend of romance and comedy. The on-screen chemistry between Geethika Tiwari and Feroze Khan is expected to be a highlight of the movie.

On a personal note, Feroze Khan recently announced his second marriage on social media, expressing joy and excitement with a heartfelt message alongside a photo of him and his new wife. This development has also garnered attention amidst his fans and followers.

Overall, while the speculation about a romance between Geethika Tiwari and Feroze Khan has been clarified, their professional collaboration in Luck Lag Gayi continues to pique interest in the film industry and among their fans.