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India Likely to Change Its Name to Bharat

India Likely to Change Its Name to Bharat

India is contemplating a potential alteration of its official name to “Bharat,” as per reports from Indian media. This shift became apparent when India’s President, Droupadi Murmu, extended an official dinner invitation to G20 leaders, identifying herself as the “President of Bharat” instead of the previously used “President of the Republic of India.”

A Special Session of Parliament is expected to convene for discussions on this prospective renaming. It seems that one of the motives behind this change is to distinguish the country’s name from the political alliance known as INDIA.

Himanta Biswa Sarma, the Chief Minister of Assam, expressed his approval of this possible alteration on a social media platform (formerly Twitter), stating that it signifies a significant step forward in the nation’s cultural evolution.

On the other hand, Congress leader Jairam Ramesh criticized the Modi government, characterizing this move as an assault on the Indian Constitution.

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“Modi may persist in distorting history and dividing India, which is Bharat, a Union of States. However, we shall not be discouraged. After all, what is the objective of Indian political parties? It is BHARAT—signifying Bring Harmony, Amity, Reconciliation, And Trust. BHARAT will unite, INDIA will triumph!” he declared on the same social media platform.

BJP’s Member of Parliament, Harnath Singh Yadav, voiced his preference for the name “Bharat” over “India” in an interview with an Indian news agency. He argued that “India” was a designation bestowed during British colonial rule, while “Bharat” is more closely linked to the heritage and culture of India.