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Imran Riaz Receives Bail In Zaman Park Case

Imran Riaz Receives Bail In Zaman Park Case

In the Zaman Park attack case, anchorperson Imran Riaz was granted bail by an anti-terrorism court in Lahore on Saturday. Imran faced charges of vandalism and assaulting police officials during a clash at the Lahore residence of PTI founder Imran Khan.

Previously, the police had presented Imran before the court, seeking his physical remand. However, the court rejected the plea for bail from Imran’s counsel and instead placed him on judicial remand.

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During the court proceedings, Imran’s counsel, Ali Mian Ashfaq, identified over a dozen loopholes in the case, challenging the prosecution’s assertions and emphasizing inconsistencies. Ashfaq questioned the case’s sensitivity, highlighting the police’s apparent lack of awareness for eight months if it was indeed significant. He also underscored the absence of evidence linking Riaz to the charges and the failure to attribute any specific role to him in the FIR.

Imran Riaz had been arrested by the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) on February 23 for allegedly obtaining the Tharabi Lake contract at a substantially reduced price. Subsequently, he was granted bail in a corruption case against a bond worth Rs0.1 million.

The court’s decision to grant bail to Imran Riaz reflects the legal scrutiny applied to the case, with the defense raising substantial concerns about the prosecution’s evidence and the overall handling of the charges against the anchorperson.