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Imran Khan And Bushra Bibi Face Charges In Nikkah Case

Imran Khan And Bushra Bibi Face Charges In Nikkah Case

In Rawalpindi, Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi were formally charged in the illegal marriage case by Senior Civil Judge Qudratullah during a hearing held in Adiala Jail. The court session was then adjourned until January 18.

The judge inquired about Bushra Bibi’s health during the proceedings. In response, her lawyer explained that her health had deteriorated, leading to her departure to the hospital. Expressing displeasure, the judge noted that her departure without informing the court was not acceptable. He mentioned that arrest warrants had been prepared but were not issued out of respect for her lawyer, Latif Khosa.

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The judge emphasized that leaving without court permission was not allowed, except for those not physically present in court. After examining the evidence, charges were framed against the suspects. Imran Khan, during the hearing, asserted that he was being implicated under the London agreement.

The defense attorneys assured the court in writing that Bushra Bibi would attend future hearings. The court session revealed tension surrounding the case, with the judge expressing dissatisfaction over the handling of Bushra Bibi’s departure and emphasizing the need for adherence to court procedures. The case involves the indictment of Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi in connection with an alleged illegal marriage, with legal proceedings set to continue on January 18.