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Importance of Seeking Expert Medical Advice

Importance of Seeking Expert Medical Advice

There are several ailments that need to be cured by experts and not by self-medications nor by observations, as most peoples have saw their seniors using some sort of medicine for that particular ailment that They are experiencing. One basic note is that most diseases have same symptoms but have different cause. For example, take gastritis : most of us use capsule of omeprazole. But its for the one who is experiencing these symptoms due to oils, fried foods, vice versa but  same symptoms arise due to anxiety, for which we prescribe using Levosulpride…

Take another example of Asthma : most patients use Monteluskast along with any anti allergic medicine, but these are for one who is experiencing symptoms due to phlegm and narrow bronchioles  (tiny windpipes inside lungs) but  same symptoms also arise due to heart issues, which we neglect and emphasize lungs, ignoring underlying cause i.e., heart insufficiency .

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Take Flatulence as another example. Many of us use antacids for flatulence, but antacids work only if hyperacidity is underlying cause. In reality excessive use of acid blockers cause this ailment. We all ignore significance of Pancreas in digestion. Flatulence is also the cause of Pancreatitis ( inflammation of pancreas).

It is necessary for all of us to take advice from health practitioner before taking any sort of medicine.