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Holidays Announced For Educational Institutes In Islamabad

Holidays Announced For Educational Institutes In Islamabad

Following the lead of Sindh and Punjab, the Federal Education Ministry has officially declared extended holidays for both public and private educational institutions in Islamabad.

As outlined in the official notification, educational institutes falling under the purview of the Federal Education Ministry will observe closure from 6 to 9 February (Tuesday to Friday). It’s worth noting that 5 February (Monday) has already been designated a public holiday. Consequently, students who abstain from classes on 10 February (Saturday) can enjoy a continuous break spanning eight days, commencing from 4 February (Sunday) and concluding on 11 February (Sunday).

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This announcement aligns with the ongoing preparations and adjustments being made in light of the upcoming General Elections. The decision to extend the holidays aims to accommodate the electoral process, allowing students and educational institutions to navigate this period with minimal disruption.

Earlier today, the caretaker government in Sindh also took a similar step, declaring extended holidays for educational institutes during the General Elections. The provincial Education Department in Sindh decided to keep schools, colleges, and universities closed from 6 to 9 February, contributing to a cohesive approach across regions.

Punjab had previously made a comparable announcement, extending the holiday period for all educational institutions across the province. From 6 to 9 February, both public and private sector schools, colleges, and universities in Punjab will remain closed, aligning with the measures taken by Sindh and the Federal Education Ministry.

This synchronized approach to extending holidays reflects a coordinated effort among various provinces and federal entities to streamline the educational calendar during this significant period of political activity. The decision to close educational institutions seeks to ensure the safety and convenience of students, faculty, and staff members during the electoral process.

As the nation prepares for the upcoming General Elections, these strategic measures not only accommodate the electoral requirements but also contribute to fostering a sense of unity and coordination in managing educational schedules across different regions of Pakistan. The synchronized holiday extensions provide clarity and consistency for educational institutions, allowing them to plan and communicate effectively with students and parents.