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HBL Swiftly Appoints New President & CEO Post-Resignation

HBL Swiftly Appoints New President & CEO Post-Resignation

Habib Bank Limited (HBL), Pakistan’s prominent financial institution, has announced the resignation of its President & Chief Executive Officer, Muhammad Aurangzeb, effective March 11, 2024. The Board of Directors has accepted his resignation, pending approval from the State Bank of Pakistan.

Aurangzeb is stepping down from HBL to assume the role of Federal Minister for Finance for Pakistan. The Board of Directors has subsequently appointed Mr. Muhammad Nassir Salim as the new President & CEO of HBL, subject to the State Bank of Pakistan’s approval. Nassir Salim currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of HBL and has 35 years of diverse experience in the banking industry globally.

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Sultan Ali Allana, Chairman of HBL, expressed gratitude for Aurangzeb’s service to the bank and encouraged his new role as Federal Minister for Finance. He expressed confidence in Nassir Salim’s ability to enhance the bank’s business trajectory.

Muhammad Aurangzeb reflected on his six-year tenure, highlighting the bank’s exceptional growth, innovation, and commitment to clients and communities. Under his leadership, HBL focused on strategic pillars, including growing Pakistan’s economy, shaping the financial industry, and achieving regional relevance through financial inclusion, capacity building, and sustainability.

Nassir Salim, on his appointment as President & CEO, expressed commitment to operationalizing HBL’s multi-year strategy, leveraging technology, fostering innovation, and achieving excellence in partnership with the dedicated HBL staff and the Executive Leadership Team.