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Google can now read the messy handwriting of your doctor.

On Monday, Google announced a machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) model that can recognize and highlight medications in unreadable handwritten prescriptions. Google said that it is collaborating with pharmacists to figure out how to read the handwritten notes made by doctors during its annual conference, which is taking place in India.

The feature is currently a research prototype and not available for general public yet. But as per what we know so far, the feature will allow users to either take a picture of the prescription they want decoded or upload a picture from their photo gallery. Once the picture is uploaded, Google’s app will identify and highlight the medicines mentioned in the prescription.

The tech giant claims that this function will supplement individuals involved in the process, such as pharmacists, and operate as an aid technology for capturing handwritten medical records. However, no decision will be taken simply based on the output produced by this technology.

The AI tool will be created in Google Lens that can decode badly written medical notes. The company unveiled the feature during its ‘AI for India’ event here. “Much work still remains to be done before this system is ready for the real world,” Google said. The tech company’s Lens feature can be used to detect objects (such as plants and animals) and translate languages.

At the event, Google also announced its working on ways to harness advanced AI and ML capabilities along with remote sensing technology, to develop a model that can help generate a holistic understanding of India’s agricultural landscape.