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Google Bard To Offer AI Images Without Charge

Google Bard To Offer AI Images Without Charge

Google has recently introduced generative AI capabilities to its Maps platform and unveiled significant enhancements for Bard. One noteworthy update is the expanded integration of Gemini Pro, Google’s newly unveiled multimodal AI model, into Bard, allowing its utilization across all languages and regions where Bard is currently accessible.

Previously, Gemini Pro integration for Bard was limited to the English language, providing enhanced capabilities in comprehension, reasoning, summarization, and coding. With this update, Bard can now leverage Gemini Pro’s capabilities across a broader linguistic spectrum.

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A notable addition to Bard’s capabilities is its newfound ability to generate images. Currently available in English and accessible in “most countries around the world,” this feature is offered to users at no cost. The image generation capability is powered by Google’s latest Imagen 2 model, specifically designed to balance quality and speed, delivering high-quality and photorealistic results.

Using Bard’s image generation feature is straightforward, akin to other AI image generators. Users can input a brief description, and Bard responds by generating custom and diverse visuals to illustrate the provided idea. To ensure transparency, Bard incorporates SynthID, embedding digitally identifiable watermarks within the pixels of generated images. This approach serves as a clear indicator that the images are AI-generated.

In a final enhancement, users can now cross-reference Bard’s responses with Google search results in over 40 languages. By clicking on the G icon, users prompt Bard to analyze whether web content corroborates its response. Bard will then highlight relevant phrases, allowing users to explore additional details regarding supporting or conflicting information retrieved through Google search.

Overall, these updates to Bard represent a significant expansion of its capabilities, making it more versatile in terms of language integration, image generation, and information validation through Google search results. The integration of Gemini Pro across various languages enhances Bard’s linguistic prowess, while the addition of image generation provides users with a visually enriched experience. The cross-referencing feature with Google search results further ensures users have access to additional context and verification for the information provided by Bard.